Friday, November 13, 2009

Loving Summer Heat

I am really glad it's starting to warm up again here in Melbourne. I really hate the cold and the cold hates me. Last winter 08 I was sick for a whole 8 weeks. Which was awful. Than again this winter with being pregnant I was VERY sick again for a whole 8 weeks. SO I cannot stand WINTER. So when the weather comes up and I see 30 degree heat I am not complaining. I embrace it. I love taking Spencer and Tilda outside. Also making sure they are covered head to toe in sunscreen both have there hats. Slip slop slap!
Here are some pictures of last week spending time in the pool and soaking up some sun rays... But not to many to get burnt!!!
Tilly is very cute summer clothes and Spencer in his togs.

My little girl after her first swim.
Spencer swimming...

The best thing about the 30 degree heat is the air con and pool. If we did not have it I am sure we would be complaining about the stupid heat.
Now the question is How will I cope next winter... the Simple answer to that... is Move back to Queensland.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kids in QLD

Ammon and Chelsea's Wedding.

We had the chance to go up for Kurt's best mates Ammon's wedding. It was an awesome time and a wonderful sealing. They looked so happy.
Ammon and Chels
Kurt and Ammon... Don't worry I am not to jealous.