Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thinking of my Boy

It's funny I go to have a night away from the kids, But I am constantly thinking of them. When I saw this I jumped up and down and said SPENCER would LOVE this!

Midnight Screening Of Eclipse

After 5 hours of sleep I thought I should blog and tell you about my night with Jacob and 19 other women... AND about a billon other people came too... Anyway we got the tickets about 3 months ago and the build up for it was HUGE... Finally the night came.. And I was NOT disappointed at all. Ok Kinda of a lie there a little bit disappointed with somethings that was not correct but won't go into it now. NOT to ruin it for anyone.

Sarah Me and Stacey
I can't stand Kristen Stewart. YUK!

I am not obsessed...

I am NOT obsessed... But he is sure nice to look at.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is got nothing to do with Spencer and Matilda. I just thought I would add some cute pictures of them.

Anyway Kurt has started a blog for his art work, Plus a place where he can just type. Seeing this blog is kinda my thing and in his words... GIRLY... Anyway, So check it out if you have free time its

I really like how we came up with the title. Kurt is looking at starting a business and was talking to our friends Ammon and Chelsea about it, We were driving along with them in the car and Ammon was being stupid as usual and said just name it after a street sign... LIKE... 500 Meter's ahead. I thought HEY thats awesome. So far thats the name. Hopefully the business will work out.

At 8 Months and 1 week Matilda has her first tooth. (YAY!! FINALLY). I found it tonight, I was rather excited... As Spencer got his first tooth at 5 months, I am just so glad she has finally got one... NOW for more pain of teething.

Favorite Spot

Every morning Spencer loves watching ABC 2 at 10am, We're he gets to watch Wiggle's Waffle... My son has the same problem as his Uncle James, He likes to sit MEGA close to the TV, The last few days he will sit on Kurt's fit ball and balance himself on it.
I think my little man is going to get square eyes.

Chocolate Baby

I know its bad for me to say it but my little miss tilly, is turning out just like ME... She LOVES her chocolate.

Please excuse the picture, Its not the best one of her.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A few weeks ago in Relief Society we had a lesson on Mother's and Daughters, The talk was taken from the most recent General Conference. It talks a lot about Mother's and what council they give there daughters. Also on how Daughters treat there mothers. Although I did not listen to much of the lesson due to a very active 8 month old. I was reading over the talk on the Monday and thinking about my own mother.

Tomorrow it is my mum's 54th Birthday. I really do love her and what she taught me, I found this quote in the talk that I felt it related how I use to treat her,

Now, mothers, I understand that it sometimes appears that our children aren’t paying attention to the lessons we’re trying to teach them. Believe me—I’ve seen that glazed-over look that comes to the eyes of teenagers just when you’re coming to what you think is the best part of your instruction. Let me assure you that even when you think your daughter is not listening to a thing you say, she is still learning from you as she watches you to see if your actions match your words. As Ralph Waldo Emerson is believed to have said, “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say” (see Ralph Keyes, The Quote Verifier [2006], 56).

I love my mother so much and believe I did learn from her on how to be a mother and how she treats her children. She is such a loving supporting mother and always has time for each of her 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

The best thing about my Mum she has taught me how to be a Mother....

Teach your daughters to find joy in nurturing children. This is where their love and talents can have the greatest eternal significance. Consider in this context President Harold B. Lee’s injunction that “the most important . . . work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Harold B. Lee [2000], 134). This is true for all of us, of course, but it is especially powerful when considering the relationship of mothers and daughters