Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are my top 10 excuses for NOT blogging for the last few weeks....

1. Kurt's assignments.
2. Watching to many internet tv shows.
3. For once trying to keep my house clean.
4. Hanging out with Kurt and the kids.
5. Kurt having a week off after assignments.
6. Kurt hogging the computer.
7. Matilda not letting me have much sleep, Due to teething.
8. Both kids being sick with high temps and ear infections.
9. Trying to find something to study.
10. Because I really haven't had the time.

Here are the exciting things that have happened to our Family in the last few weeks.

1. Found out we are going to be an Aunty Uncle and Cousin again
2. Kurt passed his first semester of uni.
3. Matilda got her 4th tooth.
4. Spencer can now draw circles and knows his colors.
5. We are all very happy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Matilda's Skin

Before we moved to Queensland in March, Matilda decided to break out in a pretty nasty rash that is all over her chest, arms, back, knee's and sometimes face. The rash/eczema somedays it has its good days and some days it has its bad days. Lately I am feeling that it's not ending. Its not going away. She has never ever had that soft baby skin. We have been to numerous doctors about it, We have tried cream after cream. Creams will work for a week maybe 2 weeks. After that the rash will fight its way back. Its been at a point a few times where its bleed. One doctor we have been to suggested to do nothing about it. Leave it as she grows she will grow out of it. As she is getting bigger. It is getting worse. I am starting to tell that she is getting annoyed by it.
We now have a routine of 3 creams a night... For a 1 year old it can be quite tough to deal with.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Girl turns 1!

I am not to sure where matilda's birthday pictures have gone. So until I find them and blog them. I will just use these ones. Matilda had a fantastic birthday she got some beautiful clothes and some new toys. She had a fun birthday of practicing walking and playing with her new doll from Aunty Kristy Uncle Benn Declan and Tahlia. She got very spoilt. For dinner we had our usual tradition of pizza, Which she LOVED.

Happy Birthday Kurt

It's been a while so its time to catch up on what has happened in the last few months. So We celebrated Kurt's 23rd Birthday. We had a fantastic day playing with the kids. Kurt got some pretty awesome presents, There was quite a bit of stress over his birthday... Due to my purse been stolen by other than that we had a fantastic day with the kids. Where we got to go to hungry jacks for lunch and had a really relaxing day.

At night we got together with our awesome friends and headed up to the coast and spent the night at montezuma's where we ate very yummy mexican. After dinner we headed to our friends house and chatted and had birthday cake.

Re-Opening my blog

I have decided to re-open my blog for anyone to read. As I don't have any motivation to blog anymore and I wanted to try and find it again.