Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry these pictures are in a random order. Sorry. They are back to front I should say. Well my little boy turned 3 on the 26th July. I can't believe he is 3 already. We had an action packed day for him. His birthday fell on a Monday which is Day care day. So We thought we would send him to day care seeing we have to pay for it anyway.
He got up nice and early. We wished him a happy birthday. We than set off for Day Care. Which is a 10 minute walk down the road. We picked up Spencer at 2pm which is early because we normally pick him up at 3:30.
We gave him his presents which was. A Buzz... Buzz Linen and some new clothes.

Than Kurt's Dad and His wife came down to see Spencer and gave him so pretty awesome presents. We than had Pizza for dinner and had an early night because he had such a BUSY day.


Happy Birthday Chelsea

A few weeks back Ammon, Chelsea's husband and Kurt's best friend threw a surprise birthday party for Chelsea.. We had so much fun. Playing mini golf and hanging out with our old friends.

Chelsea and Ammon
Ammon and Matty
Kurt and Me...



One of my beautiful friends gave birth to a little girl about 10 days ago... Her name is Nasia Joan Cooper. She has been a real big point of our prayers at the moment. It bought home today when Chelsea uploaded this picture on facebook of how little nasia is. She is so tiny. Every time I ask after her all chels says is she is So tiny. So far we have had a HUGE fast and prayer for little nasia and hope she pulls through for her Mum and Dad. We are looking forward to seeing Ammon & Chelsea tomorrow. But in the mean time little Nasia is constantly in our thoughts and our prayers. Nasia was just over 1 pound when she was born and she was 15 weeks early.

Now Private

I am really glad I made the choice of going private, I feel in today world I was not happy about people knowing about our life. With Kurt going to uni and the kids in there activities I think its the best choice I made for my family.