Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello Everyone

Good Evening All,
Well I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I would write a few things that has happend to as in the last little while. Spencer had his 3 needles, He was such a good little boy for it. He screamed for the shock of it going it. But he walked out with a smile on his face. After the needles we went to Mother's group for the first time and it was awesome. We had such a great time. Spencer is the 2nd oldest in his group and smiles at all the babies. After Mother's group we had a check up with Cathy (our nurse). He is now weighing 5.1 kgs and is almost 58cm. After all that drama and been out for so long we headed home. Spencer was starting to get really grumpy with me. So he went to bed. Expect for he starting throwing up and also have the trots. Also by 8pm he had lost all the colouring in his face. His bright little cheeks werent so bright anymore. and His poor little legs were in so much pain. SO.... We had panadol and went to bed. Today we are doing much better. He is smiling and being a good little boy like normal. Expect for always wanting to be around mummy!! which is a pain but I have to love him. Other than that Kurt has been keeping quiet lately he is just getting over the flu. He has done 3 t-shirts this week and they are looking awesome. Everyone seems to like them. The crazy boy has gone to bed at 9:30 on a saturday night. What happend to his party life. I guess thats what happens when you have a bub. I have been at home pretty much all week and keeping out of things. Anyway I best to be off to bed with my little man. Love u all lots!! Everyone join facebook its way better

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sick Little Spencer

Good Evening To All,

Well yesterday Spencer came down with a cold. He is better now. Mum went to the chemist to see what we can get for him. So we now have something for his yucky cold and he is doing really well. We have just been keeping to ourseleves for the last few days. It looks like Kurt is coming down with a sore throat and I am over the whole cold thing that was weeks ago for me. So hopefully once we get through the sickness we should be right and use to Melbourne weather. Although I think I am to use to the sunshine today I had spencer's wiggles blanket on me than another blanket and it was 20 degrees inside with the heater on. So hopefully I get use to it soon. I think the only thin I miss about QLD is the fact I could be wearing shorts. Also there are a few people I do miss. It's great to make new friends though.

Monday, September 10, 2007

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A New Start

Howdy Everyone,

I thought this was an awesome idea to start a blog and show all the photos and our family updates. We are offically now living in Melbourne and its an awesome start for Kurt Spencer and Me.


is happily working. Also very excited to start his own business in t-shirt design. Kurt works 4 days a week in the off time he tries to work out the business side off stuff. He has just got an xbox 360 for his birthday and he is loving that. Also loves being a father.


I am an at home mum with lots of time on my hands. I have to say shopping down here is great. Kurt isn't to happy I spend lots of money. I claim it on it's stuff we need. I am pretty happy to be back around my family and my old friends. A lot has changed. I am just glad that the gospel is still true.


Spencer is loving it down in Melbourne to. Someone keeps asking me if he knows where he is yet, I think he is just happy where ever he feels loved and gets fed. He has started to go see his health care nurse Cathy. Also loves smiling for mummys good looking friends and aunty. Also he is excited to be around his big cousin Hamish and Lisey.