Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hamish's 3rd Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from Hamish's third Birthday Party
This is the best picture I have of Hamish
My super talented sister who made the wiggles cake


My little man isn't so little anymore, He is getting so big. On Friday he will be 14 Months old. One thing I love about my little man Spence is he always has a smile and to make it even cuter it's always a naughty cheeky smile. He has just started this new thing where he squints his eyes and gives us this huge cheesy smile. Every time I say give me a cheesy he pulls this face. Especially when I have the camera out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthday Wishes

I would like to wish my gorgeous nephew Hamish, A very happy birthday, His birthday was 2 days ago and I hope you had the best birthday ever. We love you Hamish!! Spencer loves Hamish and thinks he is the best big cousin EVER!!

ALSO!! I would like to wish Kurt's Mum a very happy birthday!! Spencer miss' his Nany so much!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

DAY 6 & 7

Sorry I have taken so long to blog more about our England Trip, I get caught up with little things at home. So much has been happening here so hopefully I can remember what we did. I should of actually journal more about so I could remember more in detail...
For 2 days I actually had a break from taking pictures. So I don't have any for 2 days.
We decided to start doing a little bit of shopping firstly we went to a place called Drake's Circus which is a shopping place and we started shopping for clothes and things we thought was really cool. Clothes were really cheap other there I picked up a few shirts for 1 Pound (I just realised that we don't have a pound sign on the keyboard). I really liked shopping over there. We also found weird that going to Woolworths over there is like going to a Big W. It is quite differnt over there.