Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Relaxing Weekend

Well we had a very quiet weekend. mainly just relaxed and did nothing but sleep. We love having these weekends of not doing much.
Saturday night was a highlight for Kurt and me. We decided to go see Horton hears a Who! which we both loved! We thought the story line was very cute and the movie was just beautiful. It was a perfect kids movie. We didn't hear any adult jokes or bad words. We always go into movies expecting the worse but we both came out smiling and still telling people to go see it.
And it was nice afterwards for Kurt and me to just drive around and talk... We spent 45 minutes getting home which was nice.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am going on a holiday

I thought I would share some exciting news. Mum and I have decided to leave the boys for a week and go for a relaxing holiday to see Kristy in Newcastle! We are taking Spencer with us giving Kurt a relaxing break. Although Kurt has to work.
Mum and I are really looking forward to seeing Kristy Benn and Declan.

8 month old check

Today Spencer has his 8 month old check all things are doing well.

Weight: 8.358kg
Height: 67.5cm
Head: 46cm

Apprently he still has quite a big head and needs to grow into it. I am starting to notice that he actually has a big head because his head isn't fitting through a 00. She said that he should grow into it soon.
He has has his third tooth coming through.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 months today

Today our little man is 8 months old. I can't believe how big he is. Some days I miss the little baby I once had now I have a big boy that likes to not be cuddled and crawls everywhere.
My little man is getting closer to turning one.
Spencer Newborn
Spencer 6 weeks old
3 months

8 months

8 months


Well Easter is over for another year, And chocolate eating hasn't stopped yet. This year has been one of the worse years ever for chocolate and I dont want to touch it for another year. (I wish).

We had a lovely weekend with lots of relaxing and eating chocolate. It was great to get together with Family and Close Friends,

Easter Monday was a real thrill for us. Close friends of my parents own a speed boat and we were all invited to go along and go on the sea biscuit. It was a 3 person one was we were able to enjoy it with more people on it also you don't look so stupid when you all flip off it.

The Day started off a little dodgey with the weather but soon cleared up as we gathered under shelter for half an hour or so... But soon after that we hit the water. The boys had a lot of fun with the boat and the biscuit. Spencer loved the day out, He did very well only coping on one nap for the day. But by the end of the trip our little man was very tired.

The Sea Biscuit was a real highlight for Kurt and me and thought it was just awesome. Kurt had so much fun on there. He went on with my brother James and Adrain who is my friends boyfriend. Anyway They had a blast together.... James fell off once and It got flipped over aswell which was a classic to see them all flying... It was even more awesome because my brother Robbie got it all of tape, I might have to try to upload it. But the most classic one was when Adrain almost fell off but held on by one hand and pulled himself up on to the biscuit. We were all in shock because If you fall off its so hard to pull yourself back on you have to have really good upper body muscels.

By the end of it I thought gosh it must be not that bad everyone else has had a go. So I got to have a go and I had the most awesome time on it. I thought it was a blast. I am so grateful that we could have such good friends that could share the day with us.

24 hours later my whole family are still talking about it and the boys are still feeling the pain of falling off...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Little Guitar Hero

Before Spencer was born Kurt thought it would be cool to give him a little guitar. We gave the little guitar to him yesterday and he loves it. He loves it when you sing to him and he bangs on the guitar. He thinks he is so clever and We love it when he learns how to do new things.
Oh little man is just growing so fast
Just look at those baby blue eyes, who wouldn't love those!!

My Little Man Loves Music

Ever since Spencer was in my stomach he had a great love for music. When Kurt use to play with his band and I would go listen he would love to hear Our friend Kyle play the drums. He would kick away when daddy would play the guitar for him and sing to my stomach.

When my Dad blessed Spencer. He blessed him with the ability to love music and be able to use the special gift. I know I thought to myself wow what an important gift from our Heavenly Father to receive especially when his Mummy is tone death But his Daddy extremely talented.

Kurt and I both decided that our boy has to do music. Anyway Yesterday at Mothers Group a Lady came in to do music with the bubs. Everyone was amazed his reaction to the Guitar and the Songs we would sing. Every time the Lady would put her guitar in the case so she could do something else he would start crying and screaming until she started the next song.

He didn't like it when the Lady had to leave.

I was talking to one of the girls after all this and She said how amazed she was at his reaction to the music. She thanked me for getting him so involed for some of the Mums just sat there and looked at her. I explained to her that Spencer has always have had a great love for music and just enjoys it.

I know that Spencer was blessed with that Gift for a reason and We will do every thing we can So Heavenly Fathers will can come to pass.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scrapdiva Style

This one is for the girls!!
If you are new at scrapbooking and need a little help and ideas. Check out one of my friends Scrapbooking Blog. She has helped me out so much and she is just so talented. I am sure you'll just love her work as I know I do.
Check it out!

Love Ash

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Little Rascals

Yesterday Kurt and I bought one of our favourite movies as a kid. The Little Rascals. I just watched it this morning with my brother Robbie and we both were rolling on the floor laughing.
I said to Robbie its funny when your a kid you don't get half the jokes in the movie but now we get them. We forgot how funny the movie is and I cannot wait to watch it with Kurt and would love to show Spencer when he is older.

Back to Normal

Well I decided to unlock my blog. For a few reasons I felt bad for those people who like to read that couldn't also... I got sick of putting my email address and password in every time I would use my blog anyway back to normal..

Another Long Weekend

Well Kurt is very lucky at this job he gets lots of RDO and PDOs. Also he is exremely lucky this month he gets Public Holidays aswell. I think we worked it out that now till the end of March he only has to work 9 days. Anyway Kurt had another long weekend this weekend. So we thought we would make the most it. We cleaned the car out which Spencer loves to do because while Mummy and Daddy get all the crap out of it Spencer gets to sit in the front seat and play with all the buttons. After we cleaned the car out Kurt decided he want to go to Auto Cheap. Which is just so BORING I wanted to go because I knew he would be forever but he promised me we would go get lunch after wards. ANYWAY we spent almost 40 minutes in Auto Cheap looking at everything nameable!! We were greatful when we got to the checkout. So after all that. We decided to take Spencer to Hungry Jacks for the first time. We thought it wouldn't be complete if he didnt wear the kids hat and had a few photos taken.

Spencer actually hated the hat. Every moment he got get he would through it off. I think this photo says it all.. STOP MAKING ME WEAR THIS GAY HAT AND ALSO STOP TAKING PICTURES!!Although he did get sick of it we got to have some fun
On the way home from our big day.
Spencer eating chips
Spencer trying to pull the hat off
Spencer cleaning out the car with Mummy and Daddy

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Very Hot Day

Today Spencer and I spent some of the morning outside. It was a boiling hot day. I think it hit 40 degrees. Spencer loves the outdoors with all the leaves and the wind and trees. He went in the pool a little bit this morning because the sun got to hot. I wasn't really in the mood for a swim and being wet so I thought he can wait to go in the water until Kurt gets home. So Kurt and Spencer spent about an hour in the pool playing. Spencer is also really becoming to have a love for the water. He likes to go into the deep water with his Dad and just have fun. He has worked out that he can have so much fun with Dad. He is starting to get excited when he comes home from work. Which I think gives Kurt some excitement. Spencer loves to sit by the pool and watch us clean the pool. Today we were sitting there playing with leaves watch Nanny Mac clean the pool.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rob and Jaime

Just a picture of Rob and Jaime.

Our Vegemite Boy

Spencer has lately been loving vegemite. He has vegemite toast for breakfast and vegemite sandwiches for lunch. If he is lucky and wakes up in time for when da leaves for work he gets half of daddys toast. I thought today I would give his a vegemite sandwich and I would make myself cheese and ham toasteys. The sandwich was soon gone when he realised Mum had something better to offer. So it end up being he ate all the cheese side of my toasty while I just had plain ham toastys. I thought I would prefer to have a happy bubba than a baby that would scream at me while I ate my lunch.


Well last night Kurt Spencer and me went shopping... We decided to go look at our computer than one we will be getting. Hopefully soon we will be able to get it. Its not that cheap so we will have to either pray for a money tree or just save for a few more weeks.
But we decided to get Spencer some new things aswell.. While we were in getting him some panadol I found the cutest baby sunnies ever!! So we got them... They just look so gorgeous on him. Sadly he likes to play with them more than wear than which is expected for a 7 month old.

Also on another exciting note Scott and Tara (Thanks guys) sold us there drinks fridge. So FINALLY our food should last a bit longer. Its hard living with 2 brothers that eat a lot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blonde Moments

Wow its blonde!!
I took the photo myself... Its really CRAP.

Well everyone I finally did it! I became a blonde. I has been a slow process for me to become blonde. Because for one my husband wouldn't at first let me go fully blonde because of the barbie imaige. (I am now nothing like barbie in size) So I did it slowly with half a head of blonde and last time I did a bit of red. Now I am fully blonde.. with a little bit of golden and bit of brown. It looks awesome. Anyway it looks pretty awesome I am love with it. Rob James and Mum all say it looks nice but I have to wait for my husband to come home and give me his thoughts on it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well the last few days have been busy but relaxing. Yesterday I did all of my Easter shopping which was fun. I had some nice mummy time and I also got to spend some time with my big sister. I also got to go to Baby Bunting for the first time ever. I felt really stupid because when we were shopping for Spencer we got all the stuff off ebay and as Spencer is our first we got a lot given to us. Anyway Its an awesome shop!! Anyway it was quite a nice day.

Today has been pretty busy aswell.. We went shopping this morning and got some food in. And we were off to mothers group. It was actually funny and I feel kind of stupid for saying it.
I have to explain first that our Mothers Group is for mums under the age of 25. Anyway Spencer is the 2nd oldest in there. Anyway someone asked if they have any problems with the baby getting in the way of when you start cleaning or doing things and I said Yes I have that problem, Everytime I go to clean our room up or clean something Spencer either falls over or falls off the side of the bed or something... Anyway I just left it at that. One of the girls who has a 5 week old just looked at me and said WHAT!?! You let your baby fall off the bed?? I thought oh crap I have opened myself up for this. I felt so bad. I than had to explain to her yes Spencer has fallen off the bed once or twice and I take blame for that, But I was meaning the times where is was standing up holding onto the side of the bed. I felt red and hot and thought she thinks I am an aweful mother. Anyway as I think about it now I dont think she actually realises that how much babys fall over when there standing up or just anything. I know I use to think that. That baby is going to be such a perfect little man and just sit on mummys knee and do nothing but No... I was completely wrong and as I said to this girl you cant plan what your baby is going to do... It does what it wants and you just there to guide and teach. Anyway I thought I would let that out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Williams Family

I have cropped my big belly out of it and it looks much better.. I think it looks quite nice. AND Kurt is actually smiling!!

Beach Fun on Labour Day

On Labour Day Kurt and I decided to join my brothers and there girlfriends on a day at the beach. It was a lovely day with playing with the sand and playing in the water. We was only a 45 minute drive so we were pretty happy. But on a 37 degree day we thought where else could we be? anyway here are some photos from our day.
Kurt thought it would be fun for Spencer to build his first sand castle... We both thought it was amazing it was over 6 years since we both played with the sand.
Our little baby trying out the water for the first time... He wasn't to sure but soon got use to it.

As Kurt put it last night my One and a half man... We are huge fans of 2 and a half men. And I asked Kurt something about it and he piped up we are right here but we are only one and half man.

Robbie and Kim racing to the beach. Its a gorgeous beach no waves and no surf. I know QLD people would say BORING. But its my kind of beach. I normally stress with Kurt in the water but today I could just relax.

And finally our little family... Looking at that photo of myself has made me really think about my weight! ANYWAY I think its a cute photo of us and I might need to crop it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Back online AGAIN

Well... Again the internet played up for us. Its VERY annoying but we are back on deck now.
We have had a nice weekend so far. Last night we got a movie out to watch which was fun to spend time together as a family. Today we had 2 close friends over Rob and Jaime. We really miss these friends they live in Queensland and wish they moved closer. Kurt and Rob have known each other for a few years now and are quite good friends. (I shall post photos later)
But we have 2 days left of the weekend as Kurt has Monday off, Its Labor day here so there is a lot of relaxing to go around. Anyway I better get back to doing the Ward News.
Much love to all!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I finally did it! The blog is now private! YAY... No more people that I dont know reading my blog! YAY! I haven't added everyone on my blog list because I dont have peoples email address.
So hopefully they will get the idea and email me.
Anyway love to all...

More on the Motor Show...

Since last year when we went to the Motor Show for the first time Kurt said he wants to go every year. I thought oh yeah that would be cool. So this time we went and it was pretty fun. We got lots of free stuff and looked at some awesome cars and wishing one day we could own a really hot flash car. It was a really nice trip into the city with Kurt getting lost. He claims I got him lost... (haha yeah right). But we had lots of fun and Spencer REALLY enjoyed himself.

Daddy teaching Spencer what car brand to go for... We got Spencer a FORD jumpsuit. We thought we should teach Spencer young.

Kurt on the Suzuki PS3 thing.. Apprently he sucked at it.
This car is for my niece. If you can read the number plate it says Elise. Its a lotus. Its a gorgeous car.

I know this has nothing to do with cars but I think its cute. Its just kinda getting cold in Melbourne now and seeing we have morning church I thought I would buy a beanie for my little man. So I did. and he loved it... and so did mummy.
This picture is kind of blurry but its an Orange Ford car... I cant remember the name of it.
A nice white car... (again I dont know the name of it)
Sorry if these photos are crap I took them on my mobile.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Motor Show Photos

Some cars we liked
We like this colour
I liked this car 2.
On our way to the motor show....

Kurt getting grumpy because I took a photo when he is lost in the city of Melbourne
Spencer fast asleep while we are lost...
And me looking rather fat in this picture....

I am back online

Well we are back online now. It was only 4 days where we didnt have the internet. But I really noticed it not having it. I missed blogging and so many blogs to catch up on. Anyway I said I was going to go private as you can tell I have not done that yet. I will probably try to do it this afternoon. Anyway I will blog more later. I have a lot to tell... Love ya!