Monday, May 31, 2010


Since Spencer has turned 2, I have wanted to start him in daycare but didn't know where to look. I found the perfect place in Melbourne but with moving I couldn't really start him there because it would mess with his routine. As moving did upset it enough as it was. So about 2 weeks ago Kurt and I came to the decision that Daycare is need in his life. As he was getting very bored at home and I was running out of things to entertain him. I did a lot of research into the type of daycare I wanted for him. There are a few things with him that I do worry about. ( I won't go into that now) As any parent would. With not knowing about the centers in the area. I went to to trusty google. The first one that popped up I rang them and went for a visit with him. I didn't feel right about the center as the staff were not friendly towards me and very welcoming. When I later thought about it, I knew that was not the center for him. As there were way to many kids there.
I looked it up again and found another center went in for a look. Spencer had a good play and I had a chance to really talk to the room leader. Who is LOVELY.. I felt a vibe with her that I didn't feel with anyone else that I had spoken to about Spencer. I talked about my concerns with her and she reassured me that she would strive to do the best thing for him. After 2 hours of Spencer playing, I saw that the right place. He screamed when we had to leave.
As I dropped him off today I didn't feel sad as I knew he was in the right place. The child care workers there were awesome with him. So caring and loving.
I am looking forward to taking him next week as he gets use to his new routine...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sick of blog outlay


The man that works way to much

At this time I would like to give some credit to my husband. The man that works way to much. At the moment he is working in a job he cannot stand as far as I could throw. Every day he explains to me how much he dislikes it. 3 days of the week he is than going from one job, than straight to bed than have dinner and on to the next job. I am so grateful for the effort he puts in for looking after his family. He is a fantastic role model for our children and I am looking forward to all this working so much coming to an end. Sadly I still have a feeling we won't get to see much of each other.. Due to him being a uni and me working and studying...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Standing UP!

Tilly is getting bigger.. One afternoon when I checked to see if she was in here room I found her doing this...

Because she is in a porta cot with a new born insert we decided its time to take the newborn insert out. I can't believe that my little princess is getting so big!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kurt Jamming with The Kids

Whenever Kurt is practicing his guitar the kids are close by. I took these pictures last night.

Kurt playing one of his favorite guitars
Spencer listening and playing along.
Matilda happily listening.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 21st Birthday PARTY!!!

I decided for my 21st that I would do a small bbq with my closest friends. I invited 15 people over to our friends place.. and played wii and ps3. It was a lovely evening.

One of my best friend's Jaime.
Kurt and James Playing Guitar Hero
My other best friend Cassy holding Tilda.

Birthday FRIDAY

On Birthday Friday, We waited for Kurt to come home so we could go to the beach. We had a lovely time at the beach.
Spencer played soccer and played in the sand.
Matilda ate sand and worked out its not the best thing to eat.
Mummy got to play with her new camera.
Daddy and Uncle James got to play with Spencer and do what he wanted to do.


My Birthday DAY

On thursday the 13th May, I become the awesome age of 21. I had an awesome three days of celebrating my birthday. On Wednesday the 12th we got to pick up my older brother James from the airport. Thursday was a good day we spent some time at the shops, Had mcdonalds for lunch than came home. While we were at the shops James let me choose a birthday present. I quite happily chose gossip girl season 1. We waited for Kurt to come home, Kurt came home he went to bed as he was working at coles that night. I than cooked potato salad and green salad for dinner and had roast chicken for dinner.
Kurt let me open my present's before dinner, Where he got me so lovely red shoes and a gorgeous dress. Plus a new camera. My parents got me a 21 necklace. Which I was really happy about.

When we got home from the shops I found some GORGEOUS flowers leaning against my front door. I read the card and they were from my big sister. It completely made my day.
The first picture on my new camera :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Best Thing about being a Mum

I think the best thing in the world is being a Mother, I love my children, As they are the best gift I have ever been given, As it is mother's day tomorrow I thought I would list 5 reasons why I love them both so much.

1. He is my little fire person
2. He lights up a whole room with his excitement.
3. He gives the best kisses and cuddles
4. He loves to help me clean.
5. He has such a great love for his Mummy Daddy and Tild

1. She is my little princess
2. She likes to eat everything on the floor and than refuse to open her mouth.
3. Her happiness makes me happy.
4. She loves being with her Mummy.
5. She loves playing outside with Mummy.
(Matilda is a Mummy's girl and Does not let Mummy go far without her.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Wedding

There is nothing like a good wedding to bring close friends together... We had the chance to go to our friends Kyle and Cassy's wedding. We had an awesome time catching up with our old youth group. We are very lucky to have these awesome friends...

Ammon and Chels... Chelsea is awesome and Ammon is okay.

Okay sorry for it being upside down as I don't know how to put it the right way up. I also don't understand why its green. This is one of my really close girlfriends Cassy (Bride)
This is Kurt with his best mates... We have Kurt Kyle Matty Ammon and Jason
Kurt choking me... See the love there.. Plus Daniel in the background
And finally bride and groom who after much issues finally tied the knot.. So happy for these guys.

Painting with Daddy

One Sunday afternoon Kurt decided he felt like to do some painting. I dont like to brag much but my husband has some pretty amazing talents... He is a fantastic artist and also musician...
I feel that sometimes Spencer can be just like his Dad, has a great love of music and really enjoys doing painting.

Kurt got really annoyed with him when he decided to start painting himself than the paper... Sadly the paint did go everywhere on his upper body... He couldn't dare miss his bellybutton.

Special Moments

One night when Kurt was working late, I had trouble putting Spencer and Tilly to bed. All I could hear was both of them giggling.... I went in there to see what the problem was and I saw this little man do a mad dash from Tilly's cot into his own bed... I told him to stay in bed and than left. I heard the giggling again and decided this time walk in there quietly and have my camera ready. I caught him red handed... Singing songs to his sister. It was the most cutest thing I have ever seen.