Monday, April 18, 2011

Over coming trails.

I can't believe how much of this year has gone. With May approaching and being the 5th month is feels like it has gone to fast and I keep forgetting to blog everything that has been happening. The last 2 days of 2010 were one of the worst 2 days of my life. Than January hit and it got worse (most of you should know why and I don't think I need to go over it of a open blog). I thought I would never be happy again that this year is just going to be the worst year EVER! But since end of Feb things have been starting to get better.

This week we had the chance to see Lissy and her kids. Which has been a huge highlight of the year. I have not seen my biggest sister for over a year and felt very lucky to spend a week with her. Going to wet n wild and Seaworld (Got to love the fun passes). We had fun catching up and talking. Plus she has the 3 best entertainers for Spencer and Matilda. I don't know how Spence and Matillyda is going to cope without seeing there cousins. They will be missed. I guess the best part is in 6 weeks time we will be going to visit them.
The 2nd best highlight ever. My brother James is marrying the most amazing girl ever! She is put the spark but into my brother and I am SO grateful for Lael. Not only she will be an amazing sister in law. But she is also an amazing aunty for Spencer and Tilda. We are so lucky that she gets to be a part of our family. They marry on the 6th Aug in the Melbourne Temple. YAY!
We are looking forward to the third highlight happening in less than 10 weeks. When I give birth to our precious little baby. I just wish I knew what it was. The closer it is getting the more annoyed I get at the fact that I have no idea what this baby is.... I don't like shopping for white, green or yellow clothes. I want to know now PINK OR BLUE!

I can't believ

Bed time at our house

With Spencer we have to have a lot of routine. Without routine we are in the day/night of hell. Starting with daycare he has to wear his runners. NOT his thongs. He has to have weet bix every morning with honey. At night time... 6:30 hits and its shower. 7:30 book and bed. He gets obsessed fairly easy. At the moment his BIG obsession is "Horton hear's a who". Seeing Kurt and I both grew up on those books. Kurt's dad got us some for Christmas to read to the kids. Something we can cherish as the kids get over... Sadly Spencer has started sleeping with the book and having it being read every night for the last month it is starting to fall a part. I guess the bright side of these things is we now know Horton hear's a who off by heart.

Matilda and her sweat stains... (it's just from her bottle)