Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kurt and My new Hairstyles

Well Kurt has done his hair once again. Check how good it looks. (NOT)

I Also got my hair done quite a few weeks again. I don't like mine either. Although you can guess which one went to the hair dresser

Swimming/Summer Fun

Well I know it isn't summer yet. But its close enough. Spencer has just went for his first swim on Monday with my mother's group. We had such a great time. Of course it was in a heated pool. But people from Melbourne will understand that the weather here is always WEIRD! On Saturday it got to about 30. Than on the sunday it got to 31. We almost melted. But than on the Monday it got to 20. So it's very weird weather. Anyway Spencer really enjoyed his first swim.

He also enjoys wearing his hat. I love the hat I got him 2.

Kurt has been really busy. He worked 8 days straight. Until yesterday he woke up with a really bad stomach ache. He went to work. But within an hour he was home. So that teaches him for working 8 days straight! Although I am really looking forward to Saturday where we are going to have a date! He told me I deserve it. Anyway I think thats about it for me today. Not much else is happening.

Love ya

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Happy Birthday To Robbie

Just wanted to wish my brother Robbie who is turning a big 21 tomorrow. He won't be able to read this due to him serving the Lord in the Australia Adelaide Mission. He will be finishing his mission in just over 3 weeks time. ANYWAY!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Annoying things

Good Afternoon all,
I thought I would write and tell everyone about my eventful Thursday. I went to the Health Nurse a few weeks ago to have Spencer's check up and he appeared he had faulty hips. Or better to say a click in his hip. So I took him to the GP. and To see what's happening so we refered us on the an ultrasoud. The problem was the ultrasound place was in flippen camberwell. Anyway thats about 40 minutes away. So we caught the train because stupid Melbourne drivers, Anyway Our appointment was at 11:15am So we got there at 11am. They told me that they had been trying to call me all morning because the ultrasound person isn't in before 12! So they had to re book my appointment for 2:30, So I had to spend a few hours in a place I didn't know and also you can only do so much! Also feeding becames a problem 2. So I tried to keep myself busy with shopping. And also trying to keep Spencer and me warm. So we went to our appointment at 2:30. The stupid man had a look a spencer's left hip which had no click what so ever!! Than flipped him over and TRIED to do his right which had the click in it. Spencer decided to chuck one of his T.T. So the guy decided not to check his right hip, Because he couldn't feel it. So I was very annoyed!!!!! Besides that our little boy is perfectly fine. Just Mummy and Daddy were very annoyed at the cost of these things and also the fact we had to travel.

Now On a better note. Spencer has apprently started giggling. I haven't heard the little chuckle but according to Kurt he has. We are very excited and pretty sure we are reaching all the mile stones. Out of his cousins he is the youngest to giggle. Which we weren't expecting. Anyway. Everything is going well here. Keeping busy and doing stuff. So love you all. Ash Kurt and Spencer. XXX