Monday, December 29, 2008

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Christmas Day Part Two

Our Second part of the day was spent by the pool. The day was awesomely warm. It got to about 27 degrees which is okay enough weather to go swimming.

This is our Pool.....
My Brother James
Spencer by the pool eating a marshmallow santa!
Our Little Family
Me before I jumped into the pool
Spencer got a super cool lighting mcqueen towel
On Christmas day Spencer decided to make friends with a prawn. The story goes I tried to scare Spence with the prawn and I thought he would scare him because they are freaking and I hate there big scary eyes and I dont even eat them... So I thought it was be completely funny if I go into the lounge room and show him what a prawn looks like. Well I was completely wrong!!! He loved him... (Not sure of the sex but I am calling him a boy for now) So we named him prawney and he carried him around for about an hour. He didn't even try to eat prawney.. 
After Spencer was finished playing with prawney he got his hands washed and than at dinner time he enjoyed eating Prawney... So I guess there friendship wasn't that strong. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day Part One

I thought I would do this blog in parts because I took so many pictures on Christmas Day I thought I should put them all up. Anyway We had a lovely... Morning.

Spencer opening a present from Grandad (Kurt's Dad)
Spencer in his First Car
Again another picture of Spencer's first car
Spencer waiting for his turn to talk to nanny (Kurt's Mum)
Finally Spencer got the chance to talk to Nanny and we couldn't get him off the phone. 

We had a really nice Christmas and really enjoyed thinking about the saviour and the birth of him. We are very grateful for spending time with family. Spencer got so spoilt that he hasn't even played with all his new toys yet. He got some pretty cool stuff 2! I will have to make a blog about what he got.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tag

On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."
1 Embarrassing Moment : Mine is when I had Spencer. After I had the Emergency C-section. My cervix didn't close properly and I ended screaming at the top of my lungs and also swearing at the midwife. I still feel really guilty for swearing at her. But I was in a lot of pain

2 Best Friends - Well... I would have to say my older sisters. Melissa and Kristy. I was very blessed with 2 big sisters to help me and guide me. 
3 things I buy regulary - Nappies, Juice and Chocolate 
4 Places I want to go - back to England, Ireland, Scotland and NZ
5 Goals for the upcoming year - Kurt to get into Uni, Me getting into a course, Spencer starting Nursery, Go back to QLD for a visit and visit sydney/newcastle.
6 things people don't know about me - I love scrubs, my favorite movie is defiantly maybe. I eat way to much chocolate, I can't stand seafood, I love my camera, I love my family and I LOVE TWILIGHT
7 Things I would never say - 
8 Things I love about the christmas season - Family, Thinking of the Saviour, Food, Presents, giving,Shopping, loving, christmas stuff
9 Things I say to my kids - Spencer stop playing with the remote, Give poppys phone back, Stop crying I am only going to the car, No ta, Dont pat Gem like that, Dont throw you food on the floor, Dont play with that, No Boob!
10 things I do alot - Eat, Facebook, talk to Melissa and Kristy, play with Spencer, play with Kurt, clean, check my emails, drink, watch how i met your mother, talk to larry (my other best friend) Email Kurts mum. 
11 Things I would rather not live without - The gospel in my life, Kurty, Spencer, my family, Kurts family, house, food, car friendships, camera, water.
12 people I tag - Lissy Kristy Sally Sarah Nichole Courtney  I think thats all that can read my blog. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to eat a Lollypop

If Spencer is a very good boy I let him have a starburst lollypop. He loves them.. Everytime he eats one he says over and over stickey stickey stickey! I thought these pictures were cute... 

FIRST: You have a little taste to see if Mummy gave me a good flavour....
SECOND: OKAY It's good, Have as much as I can before Mummy wants some. 
THIRD: Once you get it off Mummy... Enjoy the Lollypop! Until Mummy tries to take it off me again! 

Sealed for Eternity

Birthday Wishes

Would like to wish my future sister in law Kim a very Happy Birthday. She turned the big 20.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I just thought I would let everyone know I am not having a very good day