Monday, May 30, 2011

Melbourne Trip

Last night we got back from a tiring trip of going to Melbourne for 5 days. It was awesome to catch up with the family and see our friends. Also the chance to celebrate the engagement of James and Lael. I have left my SD card in my Dad's laptop so we don't have any pictures. Although I actually didn't take that many. I guess I was just having to much fun to pull out the camera.

So this is what we did each day and the exciting events of it.

Thursday we arrived at 11:20 with Tiger and everything went smoothly until we had to book in and found that you had to book in 4 hours prior flying. Had to pay 30 dollars each flight. After arriving we went and looked around the shops. Got something to eat. We than went onto Melissa's to see them and the kids. The cousins had a lot of fun playing together. Plus arriving where we were staying we found out some tool decided to back into our HIRE car. Luckily I but the excess down to 300 dollars. Instead of costing us 1000's it only cost us 300 dollars in insurance and because the tool did not leave any note. We were stuck with the cost.

Friday we went down and saw Rob and Kim's new place and met Hank (there dog). We all fell in love with there house and Hank. We than went and did some shopping at Fountain Gate. Which where Kurt found 20 dollar jeans that actually fit his MASSIVE thighs. Plus meant new ugg boots for me as I could not find any I like up in QLD. We also got lost going to Robbie and Kim's. Which happened a lot through our trip and decided we needed a new GPS.

Saturday was the engagement party, We traveled down to Hayfield 2 hrs and 20 minutes away from where we were staying. It was a lovely day to catch up with family. Plus more of getting lost and screaming Tilda.

Sunday we had church, Getting ready for church we found out Matilda had an allergic reaction to something she had eaten and she broke out in hives. Running down to the local chemist to get some medicine quickly for her she was happy again. We than returned to Robbie and Kim's to have dinner and a game of poker (with fake chips). I believe they are still quite annoyed that I kick everyones butt. Also never really playing before they kept telling me I had beginners luck and we all agreed that we will have another game when we all get together next for the wedding. On sunday we were quite relieved not to get lost.

Monday was an early start was we had a early flight to catch. ALTHOUGH seeing this trip with problems each day. We thought how nice it would be to get home and relax and looked forward to warmish weather. We took the car back to budget and filled in some more paperwork. We had some breakfast and went to book into the tiger flight. At the tiger desk we were all booked in when the question was asked how far along I was I said somewhere between 33-34 weeks. They than requested a letter from my doctor stating I am that. So I rang my midwife in QLD and explained. She told me I was pushing it close but there shouldn't be a problem as I was 35 weeks and I was allowed to fly until 36 weeks. The letter came through tiger said No, I can't fly with them as the pilot did not feel safe as there rule states nothing over 35 weeks. Not even with a Dr cert. So with much arguing I end up giving up and deciding there airline is just plain stupid and booked onto a virgin blue flight at 2pm and Kurt and the kids were to leave on the tiger flight at 10:30. Well for one tiger is awful. Kurt was delayed until 1:30 and did not fly into QLD until 4:30. I was delayed an hour on my flight and did not get in until 5:30. It was an extremely long day with 2 tired kids. We did not get home until 7pm that night, We had worked out all up we had done at total of 12 hours of travelling. Which is almost as long as going to the USA.

Even though we had quite a few hiccups it was great to see my family and win at poker.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Favourite Spot

For some reason Matilda makes sleep look so tempting. She always looks really comfortable too. When it gets to 4:30-5pm I am just wishing why can't I just go to sleep.


It's been a while since our family has taken a holiday, Since Matilda was 6 weeks old. Tomorrow we are heading to Melbourne for 5 days. I am at the stage of I have clothes everywhere and can't be bothered to do anything besides since on my bottom and do nothing. Or sleep. Plus the suitcase is where I can't reach it and 2 scared to climb on a chair to get it. I use to LOVE packing for going away and now I can't stand it. Packing for 3 other people is such a pain. More than anything making sure my kids have enough winter clothes that they are covered from head to toe in warmth.

Let's hope for one we don't freeze and We have a safe flight.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

This year mother's day meant a lot to me, It made me glad I still have my mummy here with us. Over the last few months we have seen my mum suffer like she has not suffered before. 2 days after Christmas we found out she has a brain tumor and have watched her suffer in a way we dont like or we can't control. She has her ups and her downs and all of us hate watching her go through it. So it meant a lot to me this mother's day that I could spend time with her and talk to her. As I love her so much.


I think 2011 is the year for everyone to get married. Seriously the amount of weddings Kurt and I have been to in the last few months is crazy and the craze continues with another wedding on Saturday and than another one in August. Plus an engagement party in a week. This time we had the chance to see Rob and Jaime who have been our friends for a very long time finally tie the knot. It was an amazing ceremony with an amazing reception after. It was good to catch up with some good friends that we have not seen in a very long time.

We were also grateful for Spencer and Matilda's Nanna Susan to look after them. We also enjoyed coming back from the reception and watching the royal wedding with her. Matilda loved watching the royal wedding and pretty much cuddled into Kurt the whole time watching it. She is a true girl!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh the pain

At the moment I am currently 32-33 weeks pregnant. I am grateful to be able to carry this little baby and glad my body can keep up (just). At times like this week I have been SO frustrated. We do not know what the sex of the baby is which is really getting to me, Plus other hormones going on. I just want the next 7 weeks to hurry up as I want to see this baby SO badly. I want Spencer and Matilda to meet this little person. I dream about this baby, I feel really connected to him/her. But I don't know if I can last the 7 weeks. Although the B.H. get worse with the bigger I get. I just can't wait till the day I can hold my little precious baby in my arms.

Although we are not really ready for the baby to come because we have no nappies, no car seat (booster seat for Spencer). So maybe he/she can wait just a little bit longer.

Picture was taken when I was pregnant with Matilda.

Cute Cousins

Spencer and Matilda are very lucky he has 6 gorgeous cousins. 3 girls and 3 boys. All around there ages. This is them on a ride on seaworld.