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Friday, July 15, 2011

Birth of Em

The Sunday before Emily came was the most stressful today, There were a lot of nerves and feeling like I was going to vomit because of the nerves. I remember saying to Kurt why are we doing this again. Its not fair you go into the hospital pain free and you go out not being able to walk properly. The joys of having a caeser. So the Sunday we decided that we needed to finish Kurt's assignments and decided to have a bit of a family day. Night came I wasn't really able to eat much dinner because of nerves. We did the finishing touches of Kurts assignments and we went to bed around midnight. I could tell Kurt was starting to get nervous as he tossed and turned and I couldn't calm down either. So at 1am in the morning we decided that it was best for us to get up and watch the dvd we bought just in case we couldn't sleep. So at 2am in the morning we sat up watching The Foo Fighers Back and Forth. While Emily kicked away to the music I thought why didn't I do this sooner, This has really fixed my nerves. Finally at 3am in the morning we went to bed and fell straight to sleep.

The problem though was I had to be up at 5am to eat breakfast and to take tablets. So I only got 2 hours sleep. Luckily after I had something to eat I was able to fall back to sleep. Until 7:30am when I got up. Woke Kurt up and we were able to send off his assignment via email and were able to shower and relax for a bit before we dropped Spencer and Tilda off at Mum and Dad's.

At 11am we walked into Caboolture Hospital thinking holy crap when we come out of here we are going to have 3 kids! We walked up to maternity. Where I was greeted by my most favourite midwife John. (I highly recommend male midwifes) Who got me into my room and made me very comfortable. Although I was sad to find out he was not coming into surgery with me. After waiting for 2 hours it was finally our turn... I got wheeled up into surgery. Where the midwife got in trouble for not putting the rails up. I started to get really nervous again I started shivering and I told them that I was nervous. They made me feel really comfortable and I was starting to feel better. They wheeled me into the needles room where Kurt and I got to spend some more time together before they were ready to start putting in the spinal. Kurt was able to hold my hand as they put the drip in (I know not that scary). But than Kurt was ushered into the other room while he put in the spinal. Its the part I always regret the most. But this time it was not that bad. I always love the reassuring midwife. At about 2:15 we were ready to go.... They rugged me up and kept me warm.

As they started pulling and tugging at my parts, It was time for those famous words "Are you ready to meet your baby" Get the Camera ready! Finally we got to see this little chubby thing not as messy as Tilda was. SHE WAS FINALLY HERE. Little Emily Jayne Williams. Weighting 8.3 (Little Fatty).

There were a few little complications Emily came out blue due to the chord being wrapped around her neck. She also has a foot that turns in that might need surgery in the future. But other than that she is perfect.

Feelings of my pregnancy with Emily

First Trimester
When I found I was pregnant with Emily, We were shocked and couldn't believe it. It took a long time for us to actually be happy about being pregnant yet again. I felt that I was not capable about being the mother of 3 children under the age of 4. Also only being 22. We kept it a secret for as long as possible. So on the 30th December when my Mum had the seizure my whole families life had been changed forever. I was 14 weeks pregnant when I found out my Mum had a brain tumor I did not know how to cope nor did I know what to do. As time went on as I went along in my pregnancy I did not look forward to having this baby as I felt that time was escaping and that I didn't want time to escape because I loved my mum and it would mean less time with her.

The Scan
My darling husband could see my grief and problem and came up with an idea to make my pregnancy more exciting. We decided that it was best to find out the sex and not tell anyone. My husband wanted to test me as, He knows I can't keep a secret from anyone especially my sisters. We decided the rules were that we would pretend that the guy doing the scan couldn't see the sex and that is the story we stuck to until Emily was born. We did not tell our doctor or our midwifes. We felt if we told one person we would want to tell more.

The Middle part of my pregnancy went really well. There were no really big hiccups. I started going to counselling to help me deal with the pre-mourning and there were no major problems. Besides from having ligament issues and Emily not moving as much as she should of at one point.

The final weeks
The Final weeks were the toughest part of the pregnancy. I had an increase in Braxton hicks and felt that she was not moving as much as she should be. I was just been told to rest and keep my feet up. When I hit 37 weeks was the hardest I have ever had it, One night after spending the day with my mother and the night out with friends I started having intense contractions where they were 8 minutes apart. I decided to ring the hospital and Kurt and I raced in there thinking oh crap what is this little baby doing. After 8 hours of being on machines it was decided that I was going to have this baby at 37 weeks. We were told by 6pm I will be going into surgery and that it should be out. Well 7pm rocked around and I was told that the doctor said if the pain is intense I can have something for it. Thinking they were going to give me some panadol. WELL I was wrong. The stupid midwife gave me pethadine. an hour later everything had stopped and the doctor said well if its all stopped they are not taking the baby out tonight but they wanted to monitor me just in case it all started again. So I spent a night in hospital. I have never ever cried so much in my life, You would of thought I had lost the baby with how much I cried. But she stayed in there for another 10 days and she finally came out on the 27th June.


So, I sometimes find it hard to find the time to blog. With the third born now I should be able to get more time to blog. I hope. I am going to try and be a better blogger. I thought about going private yet again but have decided I really dont care if people take the time to read my rambles as sometimes its the best I can do to get things off my chest.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Emily Jayne

Emily Jayne born 27th June 11 at 2:42
Weight: 8.3