Friday, July 30, 2010

Sad News

I have decided to put my blog on private for a little while, Mainly because I dont want the WHOLE world seeing what my family gets up to. Also I can't control who looks at the pictures of my kids. Anyway I am happy to add you to the blog if you email me at I will be closing it off Monday or Tuesday lunch time

The Best Thing I EVER did.

Some people try to hide from it. But I am now going to speak very openly about the best thing I did for myself. People may judge Kurt and me for what we did at the time. But those people need to look at the bigger picture.

3 years and 9 months ago.. I fell pregnant with my little fire boy. Spencer John Williams. He is the most amazing person I have ever met with gorgeous looks and beautiful red hair. At 17 I had a boyfriend who wasn't good for me and I was not good for him. I fell pregnant and I was lost and did not know what to do. On the 17th Feb 07 Kurt and I got married.... Things were going along smoothly.. I was happy. Kurt was some what happy. 6 Months later Spencer John Williams was born. Weighing 7 pounds 14. He was a picture of health. He had bright red hair and I loved him SO much.

18 months later we were VERY lucky to be sealed for time and all eternity in the Melbourne Temple. I am so grateful that we are all sealed together now.

3 years later... I couldn't be happier. Spencer has just had his third birthday and I couldn't ask for much. I am 21 I don't get to go out much, I have never ever experienced YSA and I don't regret the choices I have more. I am SO happy with my life at the moment.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Uni Student

For the last 2 years Kurt has been very unsure what he wanted to do career wise. He thought about becoming a School Teacher. Gave up that idea when he thought it wasn't his real passion, He got into the fitness thing in becoming a swim teacher and maybe a personal trainer. Thought no that still isn't his passion. Finally found what he wanted to do, Became an Audio Engineer. The search went to try and find where to do such a course. It's not the type of course you can do online. It had to be a full time course. So we typed into google, Audio Engineering. The first thing that popped up was Now that was back in February a week before we moved to Queensland. We found out that the course starts on the 1st March about 4 days after Kurt arrived in Queensland. He decided against going into that intake and looking back at it in a few months time and maybe go into the mid year in take.

Well fast forward a few months after working at a AWFUL job, He thought stuff it, I am going to do it! He rang JMC and went through the campus. Within a short amount of weeks he was fully enrolled into uni. He is now at year a few days a week and is working at nights. he is so happy he finally found something that suited him. He comes home from uni SO happy, Expect for Thursday's where he doesn't enjoy the guy doing it. I am so glad he is finally found what he is meant to do.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Uncle James comes to play

My Good Boy

I am happy to say my little man is toilet trained!!! YAY!

10 Months Old

Tomorrow Matilda will be 10 months old, I cannot believe how fast she has grown. I am starting to forget what it is like to have a little baby. She is no longer my little baby. She can now sit, pull herself up and walk around holding onto things, She is now starting to talk more and has said her first word which is Dad. She is the most BEAUTIFUL little girl ever with a very HAPPY personality.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sickness Hits My Baby

Just recently I was bragging to someone that I am so lucky Matilda is 10 months old and she has not had a touch of sickness, expect for her skin. We're we think she might have a allergy.

Anyway last wednesday night when I got home Kurt said I think matilda might be coming down with something she is getting a cough. The week passed as usual. Friday I was thinking, It's getting worse. If it's still there by Monday I will book her into the Doctor, Sadly Saturday came and it got worse. I couldn't lay her down without her struggling for breath and also if she cried or giggled, She would start to weeze and come to be out of breath.

All day I was thinking I hope she is alright, Am I going to have to make a trip to hospital? Kurt worked at coles Saturday night I was praying he was going to finish at 9pm but worked till 10pm. I let him ate dinner than I said I will try and put tilly to bed and see how she goes. I put her to bed and within 10 minutes I said to Kurt, We have to make a trip to the hospital. Luckily we live on the same street as the hospital, So we got Spencer out of bed, (it's okay he wasn't asleep) and made the trip to hospital.
Kurt went back home to put Spencer to bed, While I braved the hospital at midnight. I got through pretty quickly expect for a few scares along the way. I found it very scary that the guy opposite us in the emergency ward was under police guard, With handcuffs, Plus scary old people.
Anyway cut the long story short. When we took matilda into hospital she had croup with 2 red ears and low oxygen levels. My poor little princess got hit with sickness pretty bad.

Luckily with lots of pray and medicine my little miss is on the mend, She has finished her croup medicine, But still has a cough. Hopefully she will be all better soon.