Monday, December 13, 2010


On the 6th December we celebrated our 2nd sealing anniversary, We always like to celebrate as I call it our 2nd wedding day. Last year we celebrated at Taco Bill. This year we were SO lucky to get tickets to MUSE. If you don't know who Muse is you totally missing out! Muse is Kurt and My favourite band. Kurt likes a lot of music that I don't and other way around He doesn't like the music I like. With Muse we can agree. There music is both easy listening, dance worthy and very clean (Not a single swear word). We were also very lucky to be close to the front in what Kurt likes to call the mosh pit. Which was AMAZING. We couldn't ask for a better spot.
They did all there amazing songs and we had a good dance and jump around. They were fantastic performers. We also went with an awesome group of people. We all had so much fun. The highlight of the evening would of have to been Matt Bellamany's gorgeous grand piano that lit up with lights as he played. It was also an AWESOME light show.

CHECK OUT THE PICTURES BELOW... I did not take my camera. But I found these.

Matt Bellamany.
Muse on the towers.

Our tree is up

We put up our christmas tree on the 25th November and love having it up. I love watchin Matilda and Spencer play with it. I actually dont mind them pulling the decorations off because we do it for them. I am glad to see how much they enjoy it.