Saturday, December 29, 2007


HI EXCITING NEWS!! We have a new car!! its a Ford Falcon 2003 XT. Whatever that means. All I know is its blue.... its comfy and its nice........ Kurt is very happy with his new toy.

Here is a photo...

Hot Summer Days

The last few days its been hitting the high 30s and low 40s, So we have spent a bit of time in the pool here are some of the happy photo moments that we have had in the last week or so...

Spencer after he has had an orange icey pole

Spencer and Kurt in the boat
Elise and Hamish on my thing

Spencer not letting go of poppys icey pole

Daddy and Spencer in the moment having some quiet time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Melissa Kurt Robbie and James getting there lunch.
Elise and me (she claims that she is not picking her nose apprently its itchy)

Cary Hamish and Elise in one of Kurts pool toys

Spencer on one of my presents its a massaging pool toy. Its awesome!

Melissa and Robbie unwrapping Melissa present from Robbie. The cheeky boy decided to wrap it tightly so she couldn't guess what it was. In the end it was a giant cuddle pillow.

My two boys with one of the presents that Santa bought Spencer.

My gorgeous 5 month old with all the presents

Spencer in front of all the presents.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today the boys decided to eat a whole pounder here are the photos from the fun moment I hope you enjoy and dont get to grossed out.

Kurt eating his pounder

Comparing my burger to Kurts burger
The boys slowing eating

Oh this looks hard

Robbie being gross

Friday, December 21, 2007


Well it's finally Christmas. I love the feeling around this time of year. I know it can be stressful for so many but Kurt and I are really trying to remember the meaning of this festive season. The main reason for us is Christ being born. Also being around my family. I know Kurt and I wish that his family were close by. But on Christmas day the ones that are not around us will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Just a quick update of what everyone is up to...
Kurt: Kurt has just gone on 2 weeks break. Which he is grateful for to spend time with our little boy. He is going to get back into his art in the 2 weeks or though he has his first big job with his t-shirts thanks to Shiboo. At the moment though he has done a good job and wrapped 3 presents (including 2 for me) and Spencers big one. Which I apprently didn't do right. Anyway thats the update from Kurt.
ASH(ME) Well I am having more computer time, more sleep time and Also more going out time. In a way I am on a little break from having Spencer 24/7 which is sometimes nice. Although the past few days we have been on the go. I haven't done much really. Just getting ready for the big day.
SPENCER: Well our little pride and joy is doing fantastic. He is getting heavy and big and is full of smiles for who ever wants to talk to him. He is now on solids twice a day and he loves his food. He makes enjoyment sounds when he eats. He is also really enjoying time with his daddy. I also think he is enjoying the time away from mummy and her annoying songs.
I hope you all keep safe this festive season and make sure you remember the real season of Christmas if you have trouble with it check out Luke Chapter 2.
Love to Everyone Kurt Ash and Spencer

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gorgeous Spencer

A few months back I got pulled up in the shopping center to have Spencers photo taken. They said I could have it for free. But the photos all up would cost $280. But I get a free one. So I said okay we will do it and surprise Kurt with it. Well I went back on wednesday with my money ready to buy them... Expect for they are all crap and badly done. So I said forget it I will just take the free one and be on my way. So this is the free one. I think its the nicest one out of the 10 they took. I got to excited and had to share it with Kurt as soon as he got home. What Kurt and I are going to do now is put it on a canvas and get copies for loved ones and family members. But anyway he is still a good looking young man. Anyway Love yas xoxox

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

I have the best husband EVER!!! (Beware may be a little to corney for some people)

I have to brag here I think I have the best husband in the whole world.... Okay. I should explain. Kurt James and Robbie have gone to look at a car. I was going to go with them but in his words he said "No honey I will take Spencer and you can go have a relaxing bath" So I thought what would make my night so wonderful for him to bring me home a sundae. Well with much hints and me slipping him a 10 dollar note I said PLEASE bring me home a chocolate sundae, I love you. Well he said he will so lets hope he does so. Anyway I thought I would share with you how much I do love Kurt for not only being my husband and best friend but also being the best dad he can be for Spencer.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Just some random photos

. My Boys Fast Asleep

My Gorgeous Boys being silly as always

Gorgeous me with my new hairstlye.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Visiting Santa

Elise Hamish Spencer and Santa
Spencer and Santa 2007

Last Friday the 30th November Melissa and I took the kids to see Santa here are the photos from that fun experience. Poor Hamish was pretty scared of the Jolly man but he was happy to sit on the seat and hold on tight to ted. What annoyed Melissa Mum and me most is that the girl was trying to get Spencer to look than having Hamish to actually smile, But in the end she gave up. So here they are....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Silly Season

It's funny, I keep on writing on here but forgetting to tell people stuff. I have such a bad memory. I guess also its the silly season and I have a good excuse. Firstly I have to make mention on my friend Sarah. Who came to visit us just last Monday. It was so good to see her and I miss her so much. I said to Kurt afterwards out of all people in Queensland I miss her. But we had a lovely day catching up and gossiping.

Secondly. I forgot to tell everyone Spencer has started teething. We can't believe he is doing it at just 4 months of age. It's quite young for the Gard family. I am not to sure about Kurts side. But I am very happy that he has started. Maybe it be a very fast teething process.

ALSO: On sunday we had the chance to visit my brother in law cary at the army reserves on the family day. It was an awesome family day for Kurt Spencer and me to share together. I don't have any picture to share with you sorry for the are on my phone.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Election Day

Hi All,
Well today is election day here in australia so hopefully everyone has voted, Kurt and I got up nice and early and voted at 8:30am. It's been a beautiful Saturday here and we had lots to do. Kurt and I are currently in the hunt for a new car. We found the one we like but its a bit pricey. We went to this place called Car City. Which we thought was just a small Car Sales but its got over 40 dealers in it. and over 1000 cars. We spent an hour looking through everyone.
Kurt and I felt so bad though. Sadly we have turned into naughty parents. Spencer has had his first bit on sun. I wasn't going to tell everyone but I just feel so bad. Dad told me that I should of known better and that ended in tears. But Kristy told me I am a fantastic mum and that its a first of many things to go wrong. So I feel a bit better after our little chat.
Anyway Kurt didn't work today and I said to him last night "Let pull an all nighter like we did when we were young" I didn't even make to 9pm!!! I did wake up at 10:30 but than I was asleep again by midnight. Atlease I could here Robbie and James come home. Anyway Spencer has just woken up I hope u all have a great weekend.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hot weather

Just last week Spencer has just been wearing a singlet and nappy. Sometimes even a singlet gets to hot for him. I think he looks so cute in a nappy with all his fat rolls.

It's been so hot the past few days, Spencer and I have spent our day by the pool. That day it got to 34 and we thought we were going to melt. Spencer really enjoys the water.

I walked into the room yesterday and I caught Spencer and Kurt sharing an ice cream.

Spencer wouldn't let Kurts hand go and pretty much ate half of it. I couldn't believe it.

Spencer and His Cousins

Spencer and Declan loved playing together the week that Kristy Benn and Declan came to visit us. Spencer was sad to see Declan go.

Monday, November 12, 2007

What a busy week

Good Morning all!!

We have had a really busy week but a nice one spending it with Kristy Benn and Declan. Also with Robbie coming home. I am so grateful Spencer has an uncle like Robbie he is just great with him. A way a uncle is meant to be. I was really amazed at how Declan and Spencer were around each other. They really liked each other. It was funny because Declan would pull Spencer over to make him roll. He has shown Spencer how to do evil baby. Which where he screws up his nose and makes a sniffing sound. Declan is going to be great for Spencer as they grow up. On Sunday night Benn Kristy and Declan went to see some of Benn's family. And Spencer was lost without Declan. Just wanted to play with someone his age. But Now he is even more lost than he can't find Declan. But they will see each other again soon.

Kurt has had a busy week 2. He has been working alot again and also on Friday night he got to go to mini golf as boys night out. He came second in that so he was pretty happy. Sadly work won't quiet down for him for another month. Than he has 3 weeks off for Christmas and family time with Spencer and me.

Anyway I have a baby laying across my knee and he is kicking for attention.

Love you all Ash Spencer and Kurt

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Photos

Little Cousins: Hamish Spencer Declan and
James Melissa Kristy Ash and Robbie

Cuddles with Hamish

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Melbourne Cup Weekend

Good afternoon everyone,
I thought I would let you know that Spencer rolled for the first time on Saturday. Well it was the first time I saw him roll on Saturday but apprently Kurt has been him roll before and forgot to tell me, Oh well we thought it was very good at 14 weeks old.
We have been very busy this morning cleaning and also cleaning the pool for all my family are coming to visit. Mainly Kristy Benn and Declan. And Elder Robbie Gard is finially coming home after serving the Lord for 2 years. I can't believe its been 2 years.
Kurt has today and tomorrow off. He has been very busy all morning cleaning the pool but now he is just relaxing watching some scrubs while little bub is asleep. Anyway thats not much new news at the moment expect for Spencer rolling and starting to giggle even more now. ANYWAY love ya lots to all. Ash Kurt and Spence

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kurt and My new Hairstyles

Well Kurt has done his hair once again. Check how good it looks. (NOT)

I Also got my hair done quite a few weeks again. I don't like mine either. Although you can guess which one went to the hair dresser

Swimming/Summer Fun

Well I know it isn't summer yet. But its close enough. Spencer has just went for his first swim on Monday with my mother's group. We had such a great time. Of course it was in a heated pool. But people from Melbourne will understand that the weather here is always WEIRD! On Saturday it got to about 30. Than on the sunday it got to 31. We almost melted. But than on the Monday it got to 20. So it's very weird weather. Anyway Spencer really enjoyed his first swim.

He also enjoys wearing his hat. I love the hat I got him 2.

Kurt has been really busy. He worked 8 days straight. Until yesterday he woke up with a really bad stomach ache. He went to work. But within an hour he was home. So that teaches him for working 8 days straight! Although I am really looking forward to Saturday where we are going to have a date! He told me I deserve it. Anyway I think thats about it for me today. Not much else is happening.

Love ya

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Happy Birthday To Robbie

Just wanted to wish my brother Robbie who is turning a big 21 tomorrow. He won't be able to read this due to him serving the Lord in the Australia Adelaide Mission. He will be finishing his mission in just over 3 weeks time. ANYWAY!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Annoying things

Good Afternoon all,
I thought I would write and tell everyone about my eventful Thursday. I went to the Health Nurse a few weeks ago to have Spencer's check up and he appeared he had faulty hips. Or better to say a click in his hip. So I took him to the GP. and To see what's happening so we refered us on the an ultrasoud. The problem was the ultrasound place was in flippen camberwell. Anyway thats about 40 minutes away. So we caught the train because stupid Melbourne drivers, Anyway Our appointment was at 11:15am So we got there at 11am. They told me that they had been trying to call me all morning because the ultrasound person isn't in before 12! So they had to re book my appointment for 2:30, So I had to spend a few hours in a place I didn't know and also you can only do so much! Also feeding becames a problem 2. So I tried to keep myself busy with shopping. And also trying to keep Spencer and me warm. So we went to our appointment at 2:30. The stupid man had a look a spencer's left hip which had no click what so ever!! Than flipped him over and TRIED to do his right which had the click in it. Spencer decided to chuck one of his T.T. So the guy decided not to check his right hip, Because he couldn't feel it. So I was very annoyed!!!!! Besides that our little boy is perfectly fine. Just Mummy and Daddy were very annoyed at the cost of these things and also the fact we had to travel.

Now On a better note. Spencer has apprently started giggling. I haven't heard the little chuckle but according to Kurt he has. We are very excited and pretty sure we are reaching all the mile stones. Out of his cousins he is the youngest to giggle. Which we weren't expecting. Anyway. Everything is going well here. Keeping busy and doing stuff. So love you all. Ash Kurt and Spencer. XXX

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello Everyone

Good Evening All,
Well I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I would write a few things that has happend to as in the last little while. Spencer had his 3 needles, He was such a good little boy for it. He screamed for the shock of it going it. But he walked out with a smile on his face. After the needles we went to Mother's group for the first time and it was awesome. We had such a great time. Spencer is the 2nd oldest in his group and smiles at all the babies. After Mother's group we had a check up with Cathy (our nurse). He is now weighing 5.1 kgs and is almost 58cm. After all that drama and been out for so long we headed home. Spencer was starting to get really grumpy with me. So he went to bed. Expect for he starting throwing up and also have the trots. Also by 8pm he had lost all the colouring in his face. His bright little cheeks werent so bright anymore. and His poor little legs were in so much pain. SO.... We had panadol and went to bed. Today we are doing much better. He is smiling and being a good little boy like normal. Expect for always wanting to be around mummy!! which is a pain but I have to love him. Other than that Kurt has been keeping quiet lately he is just getting over the flu. He has done 3 t-shirts this week and they are looking awesome. Everyone seems to like them. The crazy boy has gone to bed at 9:30 on a saturday night. What happend to his party life. I guess thats what happens when you have a bub. I have been at home pretty much all week and keeping out of things. Anyway I best to be off to bed with my little man. Love u all lots!! Everyone join facebook its way better

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sick Little Spencer

Good Evening To All,

Well yesterday Spencer came down with a cold. He is better now. Mum went to the chemist to see what we can get for him. So we now have something for his yucky cold and he is doing really well. We have just been keeping to ourseleves for the last few days. It looks like Kurt is coming down with a sore throat and I am over the whole cold thing that was weeks ago for me. So hopefully once we get through the sickness we should be right and use to Melbourne weather. Although I think I am to use to the sunshine today I had spencer's wiggles blanket on me than another blanket and it was 20 degrees inside with the heater on. So hopefully I get use to it soon. I think the only thin I miss about QLD is the fact I could be wearing shorts. Also there are a few people I do miss. It's great to make new friends though.

Monday, September 10, 2007

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A New Start

Howdy Everyone,

I thought this was an awesome idea to start a blog and show all the photos and our family updates. We are offically now living in Melbourne and its an awesome start for Kurt Spencer and Me.


is happily working. Also very excited to start his own business in t-shirt design. Kurt works 4 days a week in the off time he tries to work out the business side off stuff. He has just got an xbox 360 for his birthday and he is loving that. Also loves being a father.


I am an at home mum with lots of time on my hands. I have to say shopping down here is great. Kurt isn't to happy I spend lots of money. I claim it on it's stuff we need. I am pretty happy to be back around my family and my old friends. A lot has changed. I am just glad that the gospel is still true.


Spencer is loving it down in Melbourne to. Someone keeps asking me if he knows where he is yet, I think he is just happy where ever he feels loved and gets fed. He has started to go see his health care nurse Cathy. Also loves smiling for mummys good looking friends and aunty. Also he is excited to be around his big cousin Hamish and Lisey.