Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 21st KURT

I thought I would take a moment away from blogging about my england trip to wish my darling husband Kurt a Very Happy 21st Birthday, His birthday was on Thursday and with the engagment party and hanging out with Family I kind of forgot to blog about it. Kurt had to work on his birthday so he didn't want any presents before work. But once he got home he got his presents and he got spoilt!! That night we went to Da Richardo's for dinner which is fantastic! Had a beautiful Steak! After we had a beautiful dinner Kurt got to set up his Birthday Present from Spencer and me which was an ipod docking system. He is really happy with it. After setting it up it was back to work for my Brother and Future sister in law's engagment party where we spent the rest of the night blowing up balloon's for them.

I am really glad I married my man and I love him so much!! Here are some pictures of Kurt....
Kurt with his scary mowhalk
Kurt and Me.
This was taken a few saturday ago. Kurt and Lily

Spencer and Kurt

The Man I married

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 5 Part 2 - Old Wardour

After a long drive we decided to go to see Old Wardour, Which was very worth a long drive and a screaming Spencer.

The Front of Old Wardour

After being there 10 minutes an awful thing happend I got stung by a wasp!! It was my first sting EVER! Kurt told me to get over it! But I still have a scar from where the mean wasp decided to sting me!

A door at Old wardour

As you enter in the door you see this. I think it's just beautiful.

This is the entrance to Old Wardour... It was a perfect moment as the sun was coming through...

What I love about these old castle is that you can actually get married there. Kurt and I both decided that if we had to go married again and in England we would choose this place to do the ceremony at.

More about Old Wardour Castle
Beautifully sited beside a lake, Old Wardour Castle was built in the late 14th century by John Lord Lovel as a lightly fortified but showy and luxurious residence. A hexagonal tower house ranged round a central courtyard, its form is very unusual in England.After decorative updating in 1570, the castle was besieged in turn by both sides during the Civil War, and badly damaged. During the 18th century it was incorporated as a romantic ruin into the landscaped grounds of New Wardour House, which was built by Lord Arundell (not managed by English Heritage, no public access). The castle's setting in a Registered Landscape indicates the significance of this hidden jewel.Part of the Kevin Costner film "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves", was filmed here.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 5 Part One

On Day 5 we said goodbye to Logan and Sabrina, They were heading back to Germany. It was great to catch up with them and I know Spencer loved meeting his uncle and aunty.
Berry Pomeroy Castle
On Day 5 we thought we would start looking around at castles, This is the first when we went to it's called Berry Pomeroy.
What the Castle looked like when it was built
Kurt and Spencer playing in the fire place...
Spencer and I playing in the servants room.
The only annoying thing about these castles is the stairs.... As you can tell they are quite a climb! I am glad Kurt was quite happy to carry spencer up them...
One thing I loved about England is the green grass! It is a very soft grass and you can just sit there and not have the worry about getting ants all over you.
A bit of infomation about Berry Pomeroy Castle
Tucked away in a steep wooded valley, Berry Pomeroy Castle is the perfect romantic ruin. Within the 15th-century defences of the Pomeroy family castle, still displaying a wall painting of the Three Kings in its gatehouse chamber, looms the dramatic ruined shell of its successor, the great Elizabethan mansion of the Seymours. Begun in c. 1560 and ambitiously enlarged from c. 1600, their mansion was intended to become the most spectacular house in Devon, a match for Longleat and Audley End. Never completed, and abandoned by 1700, it became the focus of blood-curdling ghost stories, recounted in the audio tour.Woodland walks from the car park (including steep tracks) provide fine views of the ruins from below.

Day 5 is coming, I have lost the card reader once again! It's annoying every time I go to do a day of our trip on here my little man decides to loose our card reader... Hopefully today we will find it!!
Love Ash and Spencer

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Day 4 was pretty quiet, Playing the wii and just cleaning up. We were still catching up on jetlag and so we just rested and did our own thing. During the day we went to a place called Tesco, I loved this place. It was like a big W or K-mart mixed with safeway or coles. It had everything you could of. I loved it!!

That night Kurt made his famous pizza's which was out of this world. I give credit to him for the pizza's, they are amazing. They were telling Kurt to go into business but I think he will just keep it the recipe to himself for now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 3

On Day 3 everyone was really keen to go swimming (Expect for me) The weather was cool but everyone was keen. So off we went swimming. They wanted to go to a nice quiet lake to swim and the kids wanted to go somewhere that they could jump into the water. So they chose Plymouth Lake... (More like Dam)

Rachel about to jump in

Spencer having a nap in our towels
Scanning for Gold, Apprentley its not rare to find gold in lakes or dams in Plymouth
One thing we fell in love with over there actually there is a few things that was really good to have over there and if anyone knows where to get them here please let me know. Is Root Beer, Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper. I think we ended up having a nice cold Root Beer daily.
After the lake we decided to go to have some dinner, Our plan was to eat at Pizza Hut all you can eat but sadly it was all booked out than... We chose Nando's which is a personal favourite for Kurt and me. But again booked out... So we had subway instead. Which wasn't too bad. After a lovely dinner... We went to see Walle, But sadly Kurt spencer and I were still Jet Lagged from the trip and didn't make it through all of the movie. From what we saw it was a good movie. Which was the start and the end.


Day 2 in Plymouth, England

At the moment in England it is Summer and the sun is up around 5am to 5:30. So we got a rude shock our first morning of being there when the sun came through our window about 5am in the morning. So Kurt started taking pictures of people's houses. We got a rude shock when we there. Everything is small and you didn't have much room to move in. These pictures was our view from our bedroom window.

Kurt and Spencer playing and waiting for everyone to wake up and start getting ready for Church. We really enjoyed going to church over there. It's amazing how you can go anywhere in the world and the doctrine is true.

After Church we went to a lovely place called Crapstone** to celebrate Spencer's birthday. Kurt's Mum made a beautiful brownie for dessert, They have the best thing over there called clotted cream and double cream. Clotted cream is something you would put on scones and things like that. Where double cream you would put on brownies... It has a texture like sour cream but has more or a sweet mixed with sour taste... It is the best thing I have had in so long.
** Crapstone is the actual name of the place, I am not swearing
My poor little man a little stressed because Mummy and Daddy were on a huge stone... More like a rock!!
Kurt with his brother's older one is Logan and the younger one is Sam

Kurt and Logan having a brotherly moment and fighting about how to start the BBQ... (That is a portable BBQ)

Logan on top of Crapstone

Kurt's Family
L-R Kurt, Ashlee, Hannah, Logan, Rachel, Sam and Sabrina.

Sunset at crapstone at 10pm at night, Funny thing is the sunset's at 10pm at night in the summer and sunrise is at 5am it's so weird!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day One

On our way to the UK
On the 25th July we left for the Uk at 3pm. We spent 21 hours on the plane with a 2 hour and 40 minute stop over in KL. The trip was long and tiring but enjoyable. Spencer was such an angel, He slept on both take off's and slept exremely well on both flights. I don't think he realised that we were even on a plane. We were grateful once we touched down in the UK and felt that so much preparing has finally come to pass, Than the nerves really started to set in....

Day One in England
We landed at 5:50am into Heathrow airport terimnal 3. It was such a long trip but glad we did it. We were greeted by Kurt's loving parents, Kurt got a huge surprise seeing his younger siblings. He didn't think they were coming to the airport aswell.. Once we hit the road the site seeing started with....

The London temple is located in Surrey, It's on HUGE grounds with lovely gardens. It has a river through out it and is just beautiful for temple weddings and things like that. I found out some really cool facts about London Temple while we were there my Father in Law was telling me about why they dont have an angel moroni on top and thats because planes fly straight over and the gold reflection wouldn't be much help for the pilots.

After the London Temple we went to have a big breakfast but it was really a dinner for us. They have a thing over there called a Fry up it contains Eggs, Bacon, Bakebeans, 3 Pork Sausages, 3 Hashbrowns and 2 pieces of Fried toast. All I can say about this breakfast is the I felt so sick after it. The food is really fatty over there, Kurt and I gained so much weight for eating.

My poor little man was stuck in the car for all up about 4 and a half hours. It was such a long trip but luckily we had a few stops and once we did stop he was the happiest little baby!!
Sadly he now hates his car seat....

Another stop we had day one was to see Stone Hedge. Which is anicent stones. It's a pretty cool design, And it was a very very warm day. It got to 27 degree's. He didn't stay long here because we weren't expecting it to hit 27 Degrees so we didn't want to stay in the sun to long.

Another picture of stone hedge

On our way home
It was a long trip home but we finally hit plymouth which is a lovely little town 4 and a half hours away from London. Spencer screamed for a lot of the way home to Plymouth. But once we got there he was very happy to crawl around. At this stage Jet Lag was starting to hit us, We tried to stay awake to catch up with Kurt's brother Logan and his partner Sabrina. But as soon as they arrived which was 9pm we had to go to bed. He were falling asleep on the lounge.

Spencer's Birthday

My little boy has now turned one so I thought I would add some pictures from his birthday. He got spoilt rotten and I would like to thank my family who made the day so much fun for him. But sadly it was a very stressful birthday for his Mummy who had to pack and run around with her head cut off for most of it. Also I didn't get to many pictures on the camera of his birthday and the ones I did get were not the best. I will get some better ones off my sister Melissa.

Spencer helping Mummy pack, His style of packing is Mummy puts clothes in Spencer pulls them out or throws them...
Spencer playing with his birthday presents
Spencer and his cousins helping him un wrap presents.