Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I would like to take the chance to welcome my little niece Lily Kate de Wit to the world. Born at 11:30am this morning weighing 8'13. Welcome to the family lily.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cold Weather

Well the last 2 days have been cold here. 14 yesterday and its meant to be 16 today. We don't really notice been locked up in the house with the heater on but I think Spencer is starting to really notice that we are staying at home a lot more because we don't want to get sick.
This morning he was banging on the back door. The computer it right next to the back door he will try and stand on my knee and open the door. And while this happens he is screaming at me. Thinking I would open it for him. I think I might have to take him out to somewhere warm later.
Mum just thinks he is bored and needs to do more things during the day. But I think he is just use to having lots of people around.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My big Sister Melissa

Well I have to say after reading my aunty Donna's blog I felt that I should say how proud I am of my sister Melissa. On Thursday the 1st of May 2008 she goes in for her 3rd c-section to have her little girl. Now I know your thinking oh yeah she isn't the only one that has had a baby on this earth. WELL MAY YOU KNOW. Lissa has to put up with day to day comments like. "Are you having twins?" "Are you overdue?" "You must be due any day now" And ETC. Recieving these comments at only 5 months must of been so hard for her. I noticed at the recent R.S. get together. I saw all eyes go to Melissa as if it was like oh my gosh hasn't she popped yet. But n0 Melissa countines on. With 2 other kids. And Cary in the Army Res.
On Tuesday the 6th May 2008 it will be Lissa's 27th Birthday!
So now I want to take the chance and Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISSA!! I am really glad to be close to both my sisters and have so much to do with there kids. And also to have Aunties for my boy Spencer.
Anyway Love you Lissy xoxo

Melissa and my niece Elise... Gorgeous little thing she is...
Melissa and me on my wedding day. I really couldn't of done the day without her.

Melissa making me beautiful on my special day.
Thanks Lissa for everything!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We got home safely here are some photos of our trip. We had an enjoyable time spending time with Benn Kristy and Declan. We are all happy to be home. Spencer is sleeping really well. I loved it when he sleeps really well it means I sleep pretty well. I think Kurt is happy to have me home means he has actual lunches and also he told me he doesn't like KFC

Spencer loved riding Declans birthday present. I thought it was so cute when they would play together with it.

Home Sweet Home

We are now back in Melbourne, We really missed Kurt. So back to normal.
Our flight on Tuesday night was delayed about half an hour so we did not get back home until 11:30 and than in bed by 12:30 and than up getting Kurt off to work and also at the gym at 8am.
Yesterday was a day of getting back to normal and same with today.
Since being in Newcastle Spencer has been sleeping really well and he has seemed to bought his sleeping pattens back with him. Which is nice. Kurt and I have finally got the bed to ourseleves.
While I was away my phone noticed that it couldn't recieve messages or send messages or even do video calls. Which was a bit of a pain because Kurt wanted to see us. So today I took into the 3 shop to get fixed. Sadly its going to take 3 weeks to get fixed! They have given me a loan phone to use. Which is a big bulky thing. And its flippen touchscreen and confusing as!! Anyway its a phone it will do for 3 weeks. I think the girl felt bad for me because she said We have to say 3 weeks because some phones are really hard to fix but most of the time it only takes 7-10 working days... But I guess that adds up to 3 weeks!
ANYWAY it could be a lot worse.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I miss my husband

Tonight I really miss my husband and I am still in Newcastle and just missing Kurt SO MUCH. I have really realised that he is the best thing that has happend to me and he is a huge help for Spencer. I can't wait to see him tomorrow night and just cuddle him!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Trip So Far.....

There are 2 things I have worked out with my boy since being in Newcastle. Firstly spencer is no longer a baby he is turning into a big boy and secondly.... He likes chocolate cake (Who doesn't though) The trip has been fastastic so far. Spencer is loving playing with Declans toys. But isn't to keen on playing WWE just yet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are in Newcastle

We have arrived in Newcastle safely.. Grateful to be here. Spencer screamed all the way on the plane. I felt sorry for the guy that sat next to us. I ended up walking laps on the planes. But we are grateful to be here and love hanging out with family. Anyway better be off. love to everyone

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well Spencer Mum and I are off for a well deserved break to visit my sister in Newcastle. We will be returning on the 22nd April.. So a nice week away from my husband we'll be LOVELY!! I love him to bits though and will miss him everyday. Anyway love to all.. I will try to blog while I am away not promising anything... And we are praying Melissa wont have the baby while we are gone!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A few changes

Well there has been a few new changes in our family firstly I got glasses also Kurt is blonde yet again. Here are the photo of us taken last night..
Last night we had lasanga for dinner. We have started Spencer letting him feed himself because he likes too. Last night I could bother putting up the fight with him so this is the outcome.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

My few days

I thought it was about time I did a post, I have realised that I have not done one for a few days and thought I would catch up on everyone on whats happening in the William's household.
We to tell you the truth its just been a boring few days of cleaning. Mum Spencer and I go to newcastle this coming Tuesday. I am a little nervous about flying with him and I know I wont sleep the night before.
A few months ago I joined Fenix Gym which I haven't would be great way to loose some extra kilos. Well I have been 2 days the first day I just went with my brother James but the other day I had a personal trainer with me. Now this personal trainer Drew worked me to the bone. I swear his favourite line is "come on Ash you can do better than that" I was thinking what the heck mate you have only known me for a few minutes and you try to push me? Well Apprently thats there job. I did better than I thought.. I mean I really thought I was going to be sick after my session with Drew but no I did very well.
Sadly I lost gym buddy who was my brother James to a foot injury. So I am going to the gym on my own for a few weeks.
Also I am having a TUPPERWEAR PARTY on the 26th APRIL which I am so EXCITED about.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Weekend

On Saturday we had a great day. We had my sister Melissa's baby afternoon tea party. It was fantastic. We all had such a great day. I had the pleasure of doing the games and everyone said I did a fantastic job but I thought I could of done a little better. We play 3 games first one was measuring Lissa's big tummy with toilet paper. Sandy won that one. The second one was I found a bowl of rice and safety pins in it and people had to find the safety pins blind folded. That was funny to watch. And lastly I did a fun enjoyable game. It was a quiz on Lissa. I think people had fun doing it and finding out little facts about Lissa. When she was a child and teen. That one was a little hard for other people because Melissa didn't grow up here. Followed by the games we had a lovely afternoon tea done by Lissa's mother in law. And than present opening. We all had a lovely day and I hope Melissa enjoyed herself.

My 2 brother's James and Robbie both were very lucky last week. They got to go on Maroondah Stake Pioneer Trek. If anyone has been on a pioneer trek everyone will agree it is a very uplifting moment and just very tiring. anyway on Saturday afternoon James and Robbie returned from the trek. It bought back so many memories of us returning and made me grateful for the expeince I had about 5 years ago. So I caught the boys on camera as soon as they saw us. (thats why there not real good photos) Both the boys enjoyed themseleves so much, I dont think they were to keen on coming home though.

It was great last night we had the pleasure of watching the 2003 Maroondah Stake Trek which bought tears to my eyes. One I was thinking WOW I wasn't looking to good and also I can't believe I did that and also the thought of its over 5 years ago. I really think thats where my testimony started. I think it's funny how I had such a spiritual experience as in going on the trek but I still questioned if the church was true or not 3 years after being on it. Of course now I know it is true without a doubt in my mind. But I guess you really have to try and write these events down and how spiritual they were for you. Also Satan can take swings at you left right and center.

Anyway I am just grateful for my brother to have that expeience. Anyway I better leave it at that. Love to all.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kurt and Me

I am a little bored

How long have you been together? 3 Years

How long did you date? 2 years

How old is he? Kurt will be 21 in August

Who eats more? We eat about the same.

Who said I Love You First? Kurt did....

Who is taller? Well Kurt is 6'4 and I am only 5 foot you can do the math

Who sings better? Kurt I am tonedeaf!!

Who is smarter? Kurt my brain doesnt work at the moment for some reason.

Who does the laundry? We share it...

Who does the dishes? We share that aswel

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Kurt does..

Who pays the bills? Again we share it...

Who mows the lawn? We don't mow the lawns my brothers do that

Who cooks dinner? We share that aswell

Who kissed who first? Kurt pashed me first... Although he didnt know when too..

Who asked who out? Kurt asked me first...

Who proposed? My gorgeous other half did that...

Who is more sensitive? Oh that would be me... ALTHOUGH I haven't had a good cry in a while

Who has more friends? It's about the same.

Who has more siblings? We are the same aswell

I'm tagging: Who ever is bored like me

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

S'mores and Black outs.

If anyone has watched the news lately you would see that the weather in Melbourne hasn't been the best weather ever. We have had wild winds rain and black outs.
I have to tell you I wasn't excited when I had the whole afternoon planned with Mel and Kim. I thought it would be great we would watch dvds and make s'mores. Well I was half right.
We made s'mores they were so yummy. I didn't know what they were so I had to google them before Mel came so I didn't look like a complete idoit. A s'more is 2 biscuits with chocolate and marshmellow in the middle and They are called S'mores because you always want more.
Seeing we had no power we had to brain storm and work out how on earth we would melt the marshmellow. Luckily we have a gas stove so we just lit it up and melted the marshmellow that way which was lots of fun. After snacking on s'mores for a little bit and having no power we thought we might play mormon-opoly. Which was fun... Kim won. For some reason she wins a lot at our house.

Well the power didn't come back on till 8pm. Kurt and I were melting marshmellows over the candles which was silly but fun.. I am not a huge fan of blackouts and we were all so grateful for when the power. We all commented on that how much we take for granted with all the power and tv that we use.

Melt the marshmellows (we did it over the stove also pink and white give the best effect)
Put marshmellows and Furry friend in the middle and make it like a sandwich with the 2 biscuits. (make sure the chocolate is in the middle)

Bath time

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My 2 boys

Ever since Spencer was born Kurt could not put him down. From the day he held that little baby he had Kurt wrapped around his little finger and knew he would look after him and provide for him. Well not much has changed I can tell you that.
This morning Spencer woke up before Kurt left for work and everytime that Kurt went out of the room Spencer would chuck the biggest fuss. Spencer would not let Kurt go to work. I felt so bad for Spencer when Kurt said Ok I really have to go now. I also felt bad for Kurt because I knew deep down he just wanted to stay and play with his son. Although I think Kurt felt a little better when he knows he will be home for lunch.

Scrapdiva Style

Are you stuck for scrapbooking ideas? Do you need more space for your scrapbooking and crafty nick nacks well check out

I think this site is an awesome one I am a vistor to it quite often and Mel does such a great job with it.