Friday, November 12, 2010

Lounging around

I have had my cat for 6 years and she is an amazing cat. Matilda can pull her tail as hard as she can and the cat will still sleep. The kids can ride her like a horse and she won't complain. Her favourite thing is following the kids around and having her ears pulled which both kids are really good at doing.

My Bikie Child

Spencer loves riding motor bikes. Its very lucky his grandpoppa rides a nice bike and so does our friends. I have a feeling that my little boy is going to have a great love for bikes. The reason he is wearing that type of helmet is he wouldn't get on the bike without something on his head. We wouldn't let him touch the real helmet. Even though he kept asking.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In a year

This time last year we had so many idea's in mind. We had just come back from a friends wedding and had our sights set on moving to Queensland we had no idea how or how we were going to save the amount we needed. Last sunday Kurt and I reflected on what has happened in a year. Both good and bad. We talked about the move we made from Melbourne to Queensland and what we should of done differently. A year ago we knew that we had to move to Queensland and that we did. We did not know why we moved but slowly we have been shown on why. At the time we thought we would move back and it would be all great. But we have had our fair amount of struggles along the way as anyone would do.

I believe to this day that Kurt wouldn't be doing what he is doing now. I believe I wouldn't of put Spencer into daycare 2 days a week and Tilda is doing amazingly. I think her skin would of been better treated if we were in Melbourne but things are working out in different ways.