Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I know a lot of you that read my blog are on my Facebook so its like seeing a lot of the pictures twice. I am just going to over the funereal as I think I would like to record some of my feelings about it, As I treat this like a journal type of thing. I don't really care who reads it but I like to have my feelings out there rather than bottled up.

The feelings I felt on Tuesday was a mix of happiness and sadness. As I walked into the chapel and saw the coffin laying there I felt awful, I broke down and cried at the coffin. I was the only person in there. I was able to stand there for a few minutes looking and my dads choice of coffins and think wow this is gorgeous, It really suits Mum. As the slideshow came up that I put together there was not a dry eye in that chapel everyone was crying. I felt the spirit so strongly off it. We had our Bishop conduct the service where he said some amazing things about my Mum. Sister Linda Williams spoke about my Mum as a young Mum and how much she admired her. Than Bob my Dad's best friend spoke, he spoke saying so many things about her. How she was able to put up with my Father and able to look after us kids. We concluded that part of the service and it was time to go to the burial sight. Where my Mummy was laid to rest. I did not watch the coffin go down because I knew I did not have the strength to do so. My amazing husband shielded me as it went down, While Amazing Grace was played. Everyone yet again was crying. Once the service had concluded We headed back to the gilkes house for fun and enjoyment which was fun. After that we had the chance to go and have a HUGE Family dinner to celebrate my Mum. She loved having big family dinners. Yesterday we had the chance to celebrate even more by taking 33 people to go to movie world. Which was an amazing day. I could feel that my Mum was with us spiritually. She was an amazing woman and I love her so much and miss her a lot.

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